Saturday, February 24, 2018

Review: Alone

Alone Alone by Lisa Gardner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Settled in for a re-read of this one. I first read it in 2011 and while I remember liking it, I didn't remember any of the plot details. Sticking with my original rating of 3 stars.

Bobby Dodge, broken knight in shining armor, is called in for his sniper duties in the Boston SWAT team. He's super talented, natch, with a secret darkness inside. He sees a domestic disturbance and does his job. Afterwards, the fallout wrecks his life.

Do you like manipulative characters? This book is full of them. People you wish who were real so you could punch them in the face. Lots of dark, depraved people here, too. People who you wish only existed in print because the alternative is just too much to bear. Crimes against kids and animals really turn my stomach, so be prepared, although it's mostly glossed over, so thanks for that, Lisa. I guess. Also, don't expect too much D.D. Warren even though it says this is book 1. I feel like this was a standalone novel that she built into a series later, and that's ok because I do like D.D.

Anyway, sticking with my three star rating. Give it a read, because it's a solid series.

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