Sunday, August 12, 2018

Review: Death of a Travelling Man

Death of a Travelling Man Death of a Travelling Man by M.C. Beaton
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another day in Lochdubh, another murder. These folks need to watch their step. There is so much crime that Hamish finally got another copper with him, although he would rather clean than catch criminals.

Hamish, you are the laziest copper with the smartest mind around. You are the only one who notices the details, even when you get on the wrong track. Priscilla needs to snatch you right up. This time, we have some early-times van dwellers mooching off the good people of Lochdubh. This bugs Hamish, so he tries everything to run them off. They drive him crazy, then a vicious murder happens (particularly vicious for these books) and we are off to solve the crime. You know Hamish figures it out, because he always does.

The ending was what I have been hoping for, but I know my hopes and dreams will probably be dashed in book 10. Or not. See you soon, Hamish! 3 stars, as usual.

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