Friday, August 31, 2018

Review: The Cat Who Came to Breakfast

The Cat Who Came to Breakfast The Cat Who Came to Breakfast by Lilian Jackson Braun
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Qwill and the kitties take yet another vacation and bad things happen. This time they spend time on Breakfast Island (or Pear Island, Grand Island, or Providence Island, depending on who you ask). Anyway, a vacation is a vacation and Qwill is a huge skinflint, so he goes, natch. Breakfast Island is being overdeveloped for tourists, and this causes unrest, as you might imagine. There is lots of talk of fudge, which made me laugh. Go to any tourist trap place and you'll find fudge. How this started, I have no idea, but it is true. Or at least it used to be.

There's a murder, and his good friends Lori and Nick Bamba have opened an inn and invite him to stay. I'm surprised there is room in the cabin for Qwill, his mustache, the kitties, and his huge ego. Although he's a little off balance because the lovely Polly is off to Oregon and he's scared she will leave him forever. Qwill, you are an ass. He gets involved with one of the rich, original families on the island, ferrets out the mysterious ongoings, and saves the day with the help of Koko, as usual.

The end is silly, the mystery is weak, and you know damn well I will read book 17. Stop judging me. I love these books. 3 stars.

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