Sunday, March 11, 2018

Review: The Cat Who Wasn't There

The Cat Who Wasn't There The Cat Who Wasn't There by Lilian Jackson Braun
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

We're off to merry old Scotland with Qwill. Sadly, the kitties are staying home. But worry not, they get some action in the story, too.

Qwill, Arch, Amanda, Polly, and the gang head to Scotland on a tour. You know, Qwill's mother was a Mackintosh, so he can't resist a trip to the motherland. Dr. Melinda, Qwill's former flame, is back catting around because she inexplicably just can't resist the mustache. Then the tour guide tragically dies, and there is a mystery to solve, friends. Just like you would expect, Qwill and Koko are on the case. He's so good he solves it all in his apple barn mansion, which sounds amazing and I'm a little jealous. Plus there is a plot about teddy bears that I feel like was totally unresolved. Am I wrong?

Plus, sounds like Arch Riker is finally going to get a love interest who isn't crazy and abrasive like Amanda. No offense, Amanda, but you really sound awful. He needs a little love in his life.

P.S. Qwill, I'm sure the ladies were annoyed that you bought them all the same gifts. I called that last book. Glad it came back to bite you in the butt. No wonder you are single.

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